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    Coming Imminent Attack On US West and East Coast By North Korea

    I stopped reading WND because I believe it has been co-opted by the establishment to continue the type of fear-mongering necessary to keep the the masses scared and ready to give up more of their personal freedom in exchange for a false security blanket.

    So, is Kim Jong going to attack the US? No. Why? Because there would be a swift retaliation, and then he would no longer be living in a palace in luxury financed on the backs of all the citizens he siphons money from. So, would a fake threat be profitable to anyone? Yes. It is profitable to others who live in luxury off the backs of the citizens in their country(s). Fear is the key to controlling the huddled, terrified masses.
    Posted 11-19-2017 at 09:51 AM by Solstice Goat Solstice Goat is offline