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Posted 02-01-2016 at 10:05 AM by Ted_Hutchinson

Management of atopic dermatitis: safety and efficacy of phototherapy

Management of atopic dermatitis: safety and efficacy of phototherapy

Before using UVB or sun exposure it makes sense to reduce your risk of burning by increasing your skin's natural photoprotective properties.
this thread has some useful ideas though could do with updating.
Natural Sunscreen Options
Improving vitamin D3 intake also improves your skins natural photoprotection
CYP11A1 in skin: An alternative route to photoprotection by vitamin D compounds
This paper explains the science hit link ⇣ сохранить статью for a pdf copy to download to your taskbar then use "save as" to save to documents.

Some people argue that because the 25(OH)D levels between a group of people with Eczema are typically the same as those without eczema there is no reason to believe Low vitamin D status is contributing to the eczema.
No association between allergy and current 25-hydroxy vitamin D in serum or vitamin D intake
however if we look at this article we see NONE of the people had levels above 65nmol/l (26ng/ml) and at that level there is no free cholecalciferol in tissue. You have to get well over 100nmol/l 40ng/ml before there you can measure significant amounts of cholecalciferol in tissue.

Circulating vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D in humans: An important tool to define adequate nutritional vitamin D status
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